Headache Clinic

Alongside the Bristol Back Pain Clinic, the Southville Chiropractic Clinic runs Bristol’s first weekly Headache clinic to help the increasing numbers of people affected by headaches and migraine: according to NHS Choices, more than 10 million people in the UK get headaches regularly.

Drug fee approach

More often than not, people just put up with headaches or think painkillers are the only solution, but chiropractic treatment can make a difference. And although painkillers can provide a short term solution, NHS Choices advise that if you take them more than two or three times a week, they could start to become the cause of your headaches.

Effective diagnosis

There are many different types of headaches often comprised of many components that act as triggers to initiate the pain. Chiropractors approach headaches by first diagnosing the type of headache, then assessing the different triggers that cause them to see if we can help. For example, a very common component of cervicogenic headaches (headaches arising from the neck) is neck and shoulder stiffness.  Tension like this is often as a result of poor alignment in the spine, and treating this underlying problem with a variety of techniques including dry needling, can help reduce headache frequency. For more information on our headache treatments, click here. 

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