Please see below for an overview of what to expect on a visit to the clinic.

Initial consultation

On your first visit to the clinic you will be given the opportunity to explain your symptoms and how they are affecting you. Your practitioner will discuss these with you and investigate the cause with neurological and orthopaedic tests. Xrays and MRI scans may be ordered if needed.

You will then be given a diagnosis, which will be carefully explained to you and your treatment options will be discussed. A suggested management plan will be drawn up tailored to your comfort and needs, and mindful of any concerns you may have.

Initial treatment

The initial focus of treatment is pain relief, after which the focus will be on restoring normal function and alignment to your body by correcting the underlying problem. Our safe and gentle treatment techniques range from classic mobilisations and manipulations of stiff joints, muscles and tendons, to stretching and rehab exercises, cranial therapy and acupuncture for tension and pain. All treatment programmes are tailored to individual needs and we are always happy to discuss any concerns you may have in advance. Following treatment, you will be given advice and rehabilitation to help prevent the problem reoccurring.

Follow up treatments

Your practitioner will continue to re-assess and treat the complaint until it is fully resolved. Once resolved, where appropriate, we would then recommend patients continue to see us at regular intervals for maintenance treatments to help keep their bodies functioning at their best. However, this would always be at the patient’s discretion.

If you ever have any concerns about treatment then please discuss this with us. We see treatment as a partnership between ourselves and our patients so will accommodate your needs at every stage.

Confidentiality and discretion will be observed at all times.

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